RSPB bird watch by Casey


On the 29th of January 2018, I went into our school garden with my friend Millie where we took part in the RSPB bird watch, we found lots of different types of birds such as:

4 robins, they were very pretty

4 long tailed tits, we didn’t get a chance to see them up close

9 Wood pigeons, they made the most annoying noises

2 magpies, we got a lot of joy after it

3 chaffinch, they were nesting in the trees

23 blackbirds, they were very common

7 house sparrows, they were very hungry

4 collared doves, they were just as common as the blackbirds


Collard doves stay in pairs.

We found bird watching very fascinating as it was relaxing and we loved the look of all of them.

I recommend bird watching if your stressed it is very realaxing.

We are going to upload our results to the RSPB soon so our data can help them help birds in the future.


Eco club by Molly 6CH



In Eco Club we have been doing some very exciting yet sneaky things. We have looked around the school seeing if the teachers or teaching assistants have left the computer on standby or left the windows open while the heating is on.  We have made up a new name for Eco Club now we are called Delapre Eco Explorers.  I am looking forward to learning more about energy and how to be a good recycler!

Eco Club By Milly and Kris 6CL


Eco club started in November 2017 and it has been a lot of fun! Our name is the Delapre Eco Explorers and we have been learning about lots of different things. We have been focusing on saving the planet from pollution. We have made posters on the computers about recycling, electricity and water and we will put them around the school soon. We have also learnt about all the different types of power and if they are good for the planet or not.Image result for recycle reuse reduce

Eco club By Madeline 6CL


Eco Club is a lot of fun. It started in November 2017. Our official name for our club is Delapre Eco Explorers. Our club focuses a lot on saving electricity and water. There was also a street trees competition that me and Milly won. We also hunt for the non energy saving teachers. We made little posters on electricity, water and recycling. There was s a quiz to see if we were a vintage pioneer, a waste watcher, groovy gardener or a Energy saver.  

Delapre Diggers win Gold Award at Northampton in Bloom!



The whole school is incredibly proud of our Delapre Diggers green-fingered children who scooped a Gold award in ‘Northampton in Bloom‘ and a silver in ‘East Midlands in Bloom‘! Children and adults attended a ceremony at the Guildhall in October to receive their awards. Huge Congratulations to our gardening club. Special mention to three wonderful ladies who make it possible – Sarah Gordon, Alison Feetham and Alice Whitehead. A huge amount of work undertaken this year by all and it’s been wonderful to see the whole school getting behind them in support.

Exciting news: being part of Britain in Bloom next year – AMAZING!



Bee keeper visit


Stephanie Withall visited year 5 and 1 today to share her knowledge and experience of bee keeping. She is obviously passionate about this subject and the children really enjoyed hearing about all aspects of this subject. They were fascinated by Queen Bee facts, honey/wax products and how many millions of flowers are needed to make one jar of honey.

Children tried on the face veil and hat and took a closer look at the pallets of wax and nectar cells which would usually be kept inside hives. Plenty of questions followed, mainly about stings and bee populations. This session supports our science topic on life cycles where we have recently been learning about pollination and the role of bees in the life cycle of a flower.




This year we’ve been looking at how we can introduce Fairtrade products into our school. It isn’t simple as the school lunches are provided by a company and snacks are purchased in bulk from a local supermarket. So we surveyed staff to find out if we can make changes to shared supplies of tea, coffee and sugar to start with. Results and comments are below. The overwhelming opinion was YES, staff do want to use Fairtrade products, this small change for us as a school will benefit others. We teach our pupils about being global consumers, fair prices for farmers and international trade relationships so we can now be part of this, great news!

To find out more about Fairtrade and its benefits visit:

Fair Trade Questionnaire results

Environmental review results


Every year, year 5 Eco-heroes carry out an environmental review to find out the usage of water, energy in the school. They visit each classrooms and other areas such as the gym, library, offices, ICT suite too and write down observations about heating, computers/other electrical items left on/standby, water leaking from taps and so on.

The results were generally positive but we need to continue to remind staff and students alike to save energy and water, everyone can do their bit.

Energy water results May 2016

1 save-water-poster-template

Litter pick – Suzie and Ruby 5L


Recently the school council and ambassadors have been monitoring the amount of litter in our school playground and grounds, as well as the local area.

Today (12th April 2016) the School Council and Ambassador (Ruby and I) from 5L went for a litter pick around the playground and up the path to the gym. We found 52 pieces of litter, which is surprising as last time class 6C collected only 34 pieces. This amount got worst by as much as 18 bits of litter! This included: paper-towels, fruit, tissues, raisin packets and banana and orange peels.We hope you will be understanding and through your litter in the bin, not on the ground. We will also appreciate it if you make sure that your family and friends also do a good job not littering our beloved planet, Earth.  Suzie

litter bin

Today (12th April 2016) the year 5 school council and ambassadors went on their first litter pick within the school playground and the gym. Suzie and I managed to find 52 pieces of litter which was a worse score than last weeks because when 6c did the pick they found 34. The litter was mostly tissues, paper-towels, fruit, banana skins, raisin packets and one odd smoking packet. So please don’t drop your litter in the school the or the local area because we are the ones who will be cleaning it up.

DPS Councillors putting up litter posters in the Post Office and Coop.


Eco posters around school – year 5 Eco heroes


Recently, class 5L created new eco posters to put up around school. These were to replace and refresh the ones made from a previous year group. The children created posters to raise awareness on saving water, energy and to promote the importance of recycling. The posters should remind staff and children to switch electrical items off standby in their classrooms, as well as in shared spaces around school. Another message is to keep our grounds clean!

Here is a selection below, the rest can be found: