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Waste Week-Casey 6CL

A few weeks ago in the fab Eco club we took part in something called Waste Week. Waste Week inspires people all around the world to stop wasting food and things like that. The first thing we did in waste week was a scavenger hunt. We paired up and went around the school to find facts about where waste goes and how much food is thrown away each day. At the end of the fun activity we got given two sheets of stickers one sheet has a saying on that encourages you to not waste plastic,food ect. The other sheet says well done for saving waste. The last thing we did was make our own pledge and got a photo. My pledge says ‘I will try to use as less paper as possible.’ I hope you enjoy my blog on Waste Week remember to try to cut down plastic as much as you can.

Eco Club-Milly 6CL

For the last few weeks we have been doing lots of things in Eco Club (The Eco Explorers). We have been taking part in ‘waste week’ and have talked about climate change. To take part in waste week you need to stop throwing away things that you think are waste but aren’t. Some things you throw out by there best by date when you should be looking at the use by date. We also made pledges and mine was to stop buying new plastic water bottles and to keep re-using the same one over and over again. Two other things we did were: We went around the school is pairs on a scavenger hunt, Casey and Kris came first and Me and Madeline came second, The second thing we did was we came home with stickers and one sheet was full of good stickers and the other with bad ones which we awsrded to our families if they were good or bad waste warriors. I think nearly everyone knows what climate change is but for those who don’t it is something which is happening right now and is really bad. It happens in the atmosphere and the gas which makes it happen is in cars and all vehicles like that. The gas becomes made in loads of other ways.

RSPB bird watch by Casey

On the 29th of January 2018, I went into our school garden with my friend Millie where we took part in the RSPB bird watch, we found lots of different types of birds such as:

4 robins, they were very pretty

4 long tailed tits, we didn’t get a chance to see them up close

9 Wood pigeons, they made the most annoying noises

2 magpies, we got a lot of joy after it

3 chaffinch, they were nesting in the trees

23 blackbirds, they were very common

7 house sparrows, they were very hungry

4 collared doves, they were just as common as the blackbirds


Collard doves stay in pairs.

We found bird watching very fascinating as it was relaxing and we loved the look of all of them.

I recommend bird watching if your stressed it is very realaxing.

We are going to upload our results to the RSPB soon so our data can help them help birds in the future.


Eco club by Molly 6CH


In Eco Club we have been doing some very exciting yet sneaky things. We have looked around the school seeing if the teachers or teaching assistants have left the computer on standby or left the windows open while the heating is on.  We have made up a new name for Eco Club now we are called Delapre Eco Explorers.  I am looking forward to learning more about energy and how to be a good recycler!

Eco Club By Milly and Kris 6CL

Eco club started in November 2017 and it has been a lot of fun! Our name is the Delapre Eco Explorers and we have been learning about lots of different things. We have been focusing on saving the planet from pollution. We have made posters on the computers about recycling, electricity and water and we will put them around the school soon. We have also learnt about all the different types of power and if they are good for the planet or not.Image result for recycle reuse reduce

Eco club By Madeline 6CL

Eco Club is a lot of fun. It started in November 2017. Our official name for our club is Delapre Eco Explorers. Our club focuses a lot on saving electricity and water. There was also a street trees competition that me and Milly won. We also hunt for the non energy saving teachers. We made little posters on electricity, water and recycling. There was s a quiz to see if we were a vintage pioneer, a waste watcher, groovy gardener or a Energy saver.