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Compost Talk By Erin

In year 5 we have been learning about how to be ECO. Some of us were chosen to do some compost talks to the other classes to share our knowledge with the other pupils. Miss Letts put us into groups of three. My group was with Kirsty and Gemma.

Firstly we gathered our scripts and the plastic compost bin and were on our way to 6CA. A few minutes later the talk had finished. The pupils  had many questions that they wanted us to answer. Eagerly the children’s questions went on for a few minutes. They asked questions like:

  • What can we do to help the world that is easy and free?
  •   What bin do I put paper in?
  • Are baths E.C.O friendly

Those questions were very sensible. Here are the answers to them;

  1. You can take a shower instead of a bath or turn off the light when you are out of the room.
  2. You put paper in the blue bin
  3. Well baths are not very ECO friendly as they use a lot of water so it would be better to have a shower.

These are all harmless free things that you can do to save our planet from Global Warming.