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DPS achieves the Eco-schools Silver Award

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This year sees DPS progress from the bronze to silver eco schools award. We have been focusing on various aspects this year; mainly waste and energy reduction. These priorities have tied in with national campaigns and the school council visited every class to deliver talks to raise awareness.

There has also been a lot going on with wider community links, visits to local supermarkets to study Fairtrade and the ‘Farm to Fork’ project and a staff audit was carried out to see how the 9 eco topics are being covered/linked in our curriculum in each year group. An environmental review will be carried out in the autumn term when classes are using the top block’s new rooms to check on progress.

Gardening club – Francesca

I am one of the many gardeners in gardening club, this club is run by Miss Letts. In gardening club we have been doing  lots of things like going round allotments and  making scarecrows. My best gardening teacher is miss Gorden and my best Gardner is Ben he has done very well in gardening club. 


Gardening Club – Ellis

I really enjoyed my 3rd week back at gardening club we were making scarecrows out of a big wooden stick and a large ruler. Luckily my mum had some old school uniform and shoes from last year, so me Ben and Tamie dressed it using those clothes. Also we used a bucket for the scarecrow’s head, I did the eyes, Ben did the nose and Tamie did the mouth. We even put a coat and scarf on to make it look like a young Delapre student.

scarecrow session 025

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Delapre hosts Eco-Schools meeting

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On Monday, Delapre hosted the latest Eco-Schools meeting, organised by Northamptonshire County Council’s Waste and energy Education team’s Rachel Hill and David Heathcote. Teachers attended from schools nearby and further afield and usually meet twice a year to swap ideas, discuss the national eco schools programme and find out about what the waste team can offer in the way of workshops and educational visits for schools.

This time we were able to showcase the great work going on at Delapre, Delapre Diggers gardening club organisers/parent volunteers Alice Whitehead and  Alison Feetham spoke about what it takes to run this club, the time involved and how they come up with all the interesting activities that the children enjoy so much. Student gardeners Ben and Sam also attended the meeting and took teachers on a guided tour around the garden, answering questions about all sorts of things. Ben even won the recycling quiz, beating all of the adults and winning eco badges as a prize!

Our visitors were very impressed with the eco work going on at our school and wanted to know all about how to get this kind of club up and running.

Making scarecrows

This week children constructed scarecrows using unwanted clothing and recycled materials. This fits into our Eco school priorities of reducing waste as well as providing a garden related activity for the Delapre Diggers.

Check out the students’ handiwork.

scarecrow session 023

Pond dipping, nature club

On Friday, Mr Portrey started to clear out the wildlife garden’s pond, something he does yearly. The year 3 and 4 Delapre Diggers/nature club were invited to come along to help at lunchtime and learn about all the creatures found in the pond. Year 5 Eco heroes assisted, taking photos of any wildlife so they could carry out a biodiversity study of the environments, part of the Eco Schools programme. They will be identifying them shortly, carrying out research using books and the Internet.

All the pupils enjoyed having an up close and personal view of the newts, leeches, pond weed, pond skaters, water boatmen, water beetles and pond snails in various sizes.


Eco school – Baylie

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At Delapre primary year 5 are doing a eco project. It is based on being environmentally friendly. We learned that to be a Eco hero you need to:

1) Save water,

2) Save energy,

3)Save biodiversity,

4)School grounds,

5)Healthy living,

6)How you travel somewhere,



9)Global citizenship.

Are you Eco or not?

correct answer:

yes I am Eco, Baylie, after your amazing talk, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Eco Code – Gemma

recycle poster

Me and my class created the eco code. We decided it would be an acrostic poem . Our inspiration was talking about saving Energy, healthy living and Biodiversity (the variety of plant and animal life ). 5L are Eco spies, we made eco masks and eco badges, some children stayed after school to snoop around and to see if teachers left the taps running or did not turn the lights off when they were not in the classroom or if they left the computers on stand by when they left.

We also helped Miss Letts in the wildlife garden, Fabienne made some bug hotels and a few others planted some flowers and plants for the environment.

Martin and I did a bird watch outside to see how many birds of different types we could see, many blackbirds.

So 5L had to spread the word by doing compost talks, and giving each class a compost bin. If you have any children I would show them the Peppa Pig compost video on the main page.

Eco spying on teachers’ rooms! Connor

On a day me and my friends went spying in the teachers rooms. My friend and I found out that teachers were really bad at saving electricity. The worst was our old class 4F. All the lights, radiators and computers were on when the room was empty. My new class is so much better at saving electricity and that class is 5L. 

By Connor.


Eco survey – Matylda

Me and Macie in a pair walked around the school checking if all the classes were being Eco! We checked if the lights are off if no one was there, if the radiators are on when the windows were open, if the windows have holes on the side that let out warm air. We also checked if the computers were on if no one was using them.
Most classes were fine but some weren’t as Eco as others, mostly when it came to radiators being left on.