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Waste week preparation – school council

National Waste week is coming up in March and our school council have been working together to prepare presentations about the various aspects of waste, recycling and sustainable living.

They will visit each class in the school to talk about waste types (food, clothing, toys/books/games, tins/cans/glass, paper) and how people can reduce the amount they throw away. They’ll have some pretty hard hitting statistics too to convince our students why they should ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.


Proof we have saved energy! (Energy month)


November is energy month which includes ‘Switch off fortnight’ and at Delapre we are celebrating the fact that we have saved energy over the last year compared to the year before. Kirsten Grundy from Northamptonshire County Council’s waste energy education team came into school and presented us with our Energy Display Certificate. This proves that we are using energy more efficiently in our school.

energy cert 001

Kirsten also led assemblies on saving energy for KS1 and KS2 which included what items use energy, easy tips to save energy and taking pledges from children on what they could help with.

It is great to know our efforts are paying off! Over the past year, children have been reminding each other (and staff!) to switch off electrical items, especially off standby. Last year our year 5 ‘Eco-warriors’ produced posters and gave talks about reducing energy, they have had an impact it seems.

We have also just completed our second energy survey on classrooms around the school to see where energy is being wasted and enable us to make changes for the better. Fortunately this has also improved. Well done to all the staff and children, working together we can help to save the planet a little at a time!

Bird watching by Vanessa

We had a task of watching some birds to count the types. I must admit it was a little bit boring sometimes. However the results were interesting. We saw many birds, some were fat like the pigeons and doves.  Some were skinny, some were colourful and some were dark and bright.

My favorite bit was seeing all kinds of birds I have never seen before. The worst bit was when some of the birds had a broken leg or could not walk or something even worse had happened. I feel sorry for the birds because no one really cares for them. This is what happens to birds when you don’t care for them, their legs get broken, their wings get broken or something terrible like that.

The bird watch Delapre-by Martin

At Delapre we were asked to count how many birds we have in our wild life garden for the RSPB bird watch. Two people had to do it, me and Gemma. We had up to 59 different types of birds. My favourite bird that we found was the bluetit. Gemma’s favourite bird that we saw was the robin.

The key to bird watching is being very quite and for having a sharp eye. At times it was fun because the crows and the ravens kept swooping down and trying to attack us. We had a great time so I insist you to try it out. Sometimes it was sunny.

bluetit                               robin                            greenfinch                         crow