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Litter pick – Suzie and Ruby 5L

Recently the school council and ambassadors have been monitoring the amount of litter in our school playground and grounds, as well as the local area.

Today (12th April 2016) the School Council and Ambassador (Ruby and I) from 5L went for a litter pick around the playground and up the path to the gym. We found 52 pieces of litter, which is surprising as last time class 6C collected only 34 pieces. This amount got worst by as much as 18 bits of litter! This included: paper-towels, fruit, tissues, raisin packets and banana and orange peels.We hope you will be understanding and through your litter in the bin, not on the ground. We will also appreciate it if you make sure that your family and friends also do a good job not littering our beloved planet, Earth.  Suzie

litter bin

Today (12th April 2016) the year 5 school council and ambassadors went on their first litter pick within the school playground and the gym. Suzie and I managed to find 52 pieces of litter which was a worse score than last weeks because when 6c did the pick they found 34. The litter was mostly tissues, paper-towels, fruit, banana skins, raisin packets and one odd smoking packet. So please don’t drop your litter in the school the or the local area because we are the ones who will be cleaning it up.

DPS Councillors putting up litter posters in the Post Office and Coop.