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Eco posters around school – year 5 Eco heroes

Recently, class 5L created new eco posters to put up around school. These were to replace and refresh the ones made from a previous year group. The children created posters to raise awareness on saving water, energy and to promote the importance of recycling. The posters should remind staff and children to switch electrical items off standby in their classrooms, as well as in shared spaces around school. Another message is to keep our grounds clean!

Here is a selection below, the rest can be found:

Christmas Crafts recycling


Last week, NCC’s waste energy education team visited year 3 and 4 classes to teach them how to use unwanted recycled items to create beautiful Christmas decorations during Christmas Crafts sessions. The children collected old cereal packet cardboard, Christmas wrapping paper offcuts, colourful paper scraps and material to make stockings, cards and Christmas trees which looked great!

Kirsten and her team talked to the children about recycling and why it’s so important especially at this time of year with the excesses and waste of the Christmas season.