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Bee keeper visit

Stephanie Withall visited year 5 and 1 today to share her knowledge and experience of bee keeping. She is obviously passionate about this subject and the children really enjoyed hearing about all aspects of this subject. They were fascinated by Queen Bee facts, honey/wax products and how many millions of flowers are needed to make one jar of honey.

Children tried on the face veil and hat and took a closer look at the pallets of wax and nectar cells which would usually be kept inside hives. Plenty of questions followed, mainly about stings and bee populations. This session supports our science topic on life cycles where we have recently been learning about pollination and the role of bees in the life cycle of a flower.

School fete

During activity week, year 5 and 6 ran a school fair which included many stalls selling toys, games, food as well as things to do. Year 6 were set a £10 challenge or making something to sell. The activity stalls went down very well too with everything from a penalty shoot out, soak the staff, bat the rat and the Delapre Diggers ran a very successful gardening stall.  There was a good attendance from parents and children, raising a solid amount of money to go towards school trips and transport.

Week 4 – gardening at the allotments, Stewart Garden equipment

Stewart Schools A1 130912

This week saw the Delapre Diggers head to Playdell Road allotments again to use the equipment kindly donated by the Stewart Garden competition.

Participating schools across the UK receive the kits, which will equip them to start growing their own fruit and vegetables. Worth more than £400, the kits include:

  • Premium seed tray
  • Two 22cm Kitchen Garden Propagator sets
  • Plastic plant pots
  • 70cm Corinthian Trough
  • 5 litre watering cans
  • Three varieties of easy-grow vegetable seeds from Pippa Greenwood’s range
  • Compost donated by participating garden centres and professional grower’s specialist, J Arthur Bowers
  • Promotional materials and an informative booklet produced by Stewart Garden

Check out our year 4 and 5 students planting the vegetable seeds in the mini plots.

Worms! Francesca

For the last week of gardening club Miss Letts asked for an expert on worms and wormeries to come in. We saw lots of different worms like: compost worms, Tiger worms and even worms with saddles!!! (The worms with saddles don’t literally have saddles on, it just means that they are old enough  to breed). We saw lots of wormeries as well as worms, we saw a 4 layered one and we saw one that costs 50-100 pounds (that’s a lot of money just for worms).

worm                     imagesCAWV32M8 imagesCA3EYFZM


Eco Schools Bronze award achieved!


During the year, pupils from across the school have been working hard on various elements of the Eco-School bronze award, which covers 9 topics:

School grounds
Healthy living
Global citizenship

The School council, Year 5 Eco-heroes and year 3/4 gardeners have all carried out different tasks to get eco projects running within school and raise awareness about sustainable lifestyles. This award shows that all the hard work has paid off, we are very pleased and aim to continue this work.


Wildlife in your garden-Fabienne


1. If you plant vegetables in your garden bugs and animals will become attracted to it and when the winter comes they will hibernate underneath your garden.

2.different bird seed holders bring in all the animals and brighten up your garden so do bug hotels. Even decorating your garden with fruit and things it makes it eco friendly.





A couple of weeks ago some children from 5L did some gardening  around the back of the school. We started by putting some stones and polystyrene in the base so the water did drip through the holes at the bottom of the pot. After we had finished that we tipped soil into the pot then hid them for a couple of days so the birds didn’t mess up the soil. When we came back we planted all types and different sized bulbs. Now they are growing perfectly.

The plants have grown in beautiful daffodils now.



ECO compost talk by Finley

We are encouraging children to put their waste like banana peels,apple cores and out of date bread in their compost bin that is in their classroom.

A qroup of children from 5L went to different classrooms to talk to other children about why we put our waste in our compost bins. A landfill is a place where there is rubbish that people don’t want to keep  any more. They also put black bag and it is not recycled.


Eco hero poster – Ollie

My special poster is about  composting in the right bin. Here is one of my slogans from the my poster.

ollie 5l

Lots of things can go in your compost bin and can be reused and recycled. It takes minutes. Landfill doesn’t connect with compost bins because if you put landfill stuff in the black bin its just a waste. Also landfill is just a dump.

But I did this poster because I don’t put food waste in the black bin I put it in the brown bin.

Gardening by Chloe

In November me, Megha and Miss Letts planted some bulbs. We watered the plants and made sure they had sunlight. Through the weeks the bulbs grew into daffodils. We moved these into the wildlife garden and staff garden so they could get more sun and be seen by everyone. The plants brightened up the garden and get lots of attention. Hopefully the flowers will bring different kinds of insects to the garden for all the children to see.

I enjoyed planting the flowers and watching them grow. I also enjoyed helping Megha and working as a team… now we can enjoy our beautiful plants.