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A couple of weeks ago some children from 5L did some gardening  around the back of the school. We started by putting some stones and polystyrene in the base so the water did drip through the holes at the bottom of the pot. After we had finished that we tipped soil into the pot then hid them for a couple of days so the birds didn’t mess up the soil. When we came back we planted all types and different sized bulbs. Now they are growing perfectly.

The plants have grown in beautiful daffodils now.



ECO compost talk by Finley

We are encouraging children to put their waste like banana peels,apple cores and out of date bread in their compost bin that is in their classroom.

A qroup of children from 5L went to different classrooms to talk to other children about why we put our waste in our compost bins. A landfill is a place where there is rubbish that people don’t want to keep  any more. They also put black bag and it is not recycled.


Eco hero poster – Ollie

My special poster is about  composting in the right bin. Here is one of my slogans from the my poster.

ollie 5l

Lots of things can go in your compost bin and can be reused and recycled. It takes minutes. Landfill doesn’t connect with compost bins because if you put landfill stuff in the black bin its just a waste. Also landfill is just a dump.

But I did this poster because I don’t put food waste in the black bin I put it in the brown bin.

Gardening by Chloe

In November me, Megha and Miss Letts planted some bulbs. We watered the plants and made sure they had sunlight. Through the weeks the bulbs grew into daffodils. We moved these into the wildlife garden and staff garden so they could get more sun and be seen by everyone. The plants brightened up the garden and get lots of attention. Hopefully the flowers will bring different kinds of insects to the garden for all the children to see.

I enjoyed planting the flowers and watching them grow. I also enjoyed helping Megha and working as a team… now we can enjoy our beautiful plants.


Compost Talk Laura

In 5L we set up a group of 4 children to go do a compost talk to different children.  Unfortunately, we had to stop sometimes and let other groups have a turn but I didn’t want to stop.

After we had finished at the end of the day people started to say thank you but I realised why when I got home. Some people may not of known how to compost and now they do so in some way I have helped them.

I have enjoyed the compost talk because I got to  help people learn how to recycle and it has helped a lot of children within the school.

Eco composting talk – Milly

A few weeks ago I did an eco talk with Martin (5L) and Tyler also from 5L. We were talking to one of the reception classes. We talked about things like when they should empty the bin which is every day prefrably at lunch time.

Another thing we were talking about was that it is their (the children) responsibility to empty it, make sure it is clean and to make sure the contents go in the brown bin outside.


Eco spying on teachers’ rooms! Connor

On a day me and my friends went spying in the teachers rooms. My friend and I found out that teachers were really bad at saving electricity. The worst was our old class 4F. All the lights, radiators and computers were on when the room was empty. My new class is so much better at saving electricity and that class is 5L. 

By Connor.


bug hotels-Fabienne

Our school councillers all went into the wildlife garden with Miss Letts and made some bug hotels. We used bark off trees, mud/soil and straw. Me and Natasha made a really nice one which looked like a real house with a straw roof on it. Making bug hotels attracts all different kinds of animals and bugs. It is good fun doing it as well, if you do it you will have a ECO friendly garden.

You don’t have to go this extreme its just an example. You can also use vegetables and fruit to build the bug hotel too.



Eco survey – Matylda

Me and Macie in a pair walked around the school checking if all the classes were being Eco! We checked if the lights are off if no one was there, if the radiators are on when the windows were open, if the windows have holes on the side that let out warm air. We also checked if the computers were on if no one was using them.
Most classes were fine but some weren’t as Eco as others, mostly when it came to radiators being left on.

ECO composting talks – By Ruby

So… you probably are wondering what I mean by ” ECO Talk.” Well an ECO Talk is when you talk to people about composting because many people don’t think before putting rubbish in the bin. After a couple of days practicing our presentations we performed them to some classes at our school.

Basically composting is where you take fruit or a vegetable and potato skins and put them in the brown bin.Then after a while, your compost will tern into composting soil which is what farmers and gardeners use a lot.

If you need more information just go and look at schooltube because, trust me that site is amazing. Not only being educational it’s cool to see the videos they have made.