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Environmental review results

Every year, year 5 Eco-heroes carry out an environmental review to find out the usage of water, energy in the school. They visit each classrooms and other areas such as the gym, library, offices, ICT suite too and write down observations about heating, computers/other electrical items left on/standby, water leaking from taps and so on.

The results were generally positive but we need to continue to remind staff and students alike to save energy and water, everyone can do their bit.

Energy water results May 2016

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Eco posters around school – year 5 Eco heroes

Recently, class 5L created new eco posters to put up around school. These were to replace and refresh the ones made from a previous year group. The children created posters to raise awareness on saving water, energy and to promote the importance of recycling. The posters should remind staff and children to switch electrical items off standby in their classrooms, as well as in shared spaces around school. Another message is to keep our grounds clean!

Here is a selection below, the rest can be found: