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Underwater pond viewing and creating a shoe garden

This week the wildlife group made and used underwater viewers to look in our pond where they spotted caddis fly larva, newts, pond snails and a whirligig beetle amongst others. They also constructed wildlife food chains.

The gardening group planted pansies and viola in shoes as part of a shoe-industry themed Northampton Schools in Bloom project. This is part of the annual town-wide competition.


A big thanks to Days Reuse Centre who very kindly donated some boots for us to use.


Delapre Diggers get busy!

Gardening/nature club ‘Delapre Diggers’ has started up again with parent volunteers Alice Whitehead and Alison Feetham, assisted by school staff Mrs Gordon and Mr Kelly. They meet every few weeks to plant the brand new vegetable patches with various crops and undertake various gardening duties.

Last session, the group made a ‘welly boot’ strawberry patch as well as planting various vegetables such as carrots and lettuce. In this week’s session they planted broad beans and created a ‘butterfly feast’ of sugar water dipped material strips to attract more wildlife to the garden. Each week the pupils take home seeds or plants for homework, as well as various written tasks such as making plant labels or completing plot plans.

All the year 3 and 4 children involved are thoroughly enjoying themselves and learning in the outdoors, they always come and tell Mrs Gordon and Miss Letts all about it! Check out their work on the gardening noticeboard in the year 5 corridor and their page on this blog:

Pond dipping, nature club

On Friday, Mr Portrey started to clear out the wildlife garden’s pond, something he does yearly. The year 3 and 4 Delapre Diggers/nature club were invited to come along to help at lunchtime and learn about all the creatures found in the pond. Year 5 Eco heroes assisted, taking photos of any wildlife so they could carry out a biodiversity study of the environments, part of the Eco Schools programme. They will be identifying them shortly, carrying out research using books and the Internet.

All the pupils enjoyed having an up close and personal view of the newts, leeches, pond weed, pond skaters, water boatmen, water beetles and pond snails in various sizes.


Wildlife in your garden-Fabienne


1. If you plant vegetables in your garden bugs and animals will become attracted to it and when the winter comes they will hibernate underneath your garden.

2.different bird seed holders bring in all the animals and brighten up your garden so do bug hotels. Even decorating your garden with fruit and things it makes it eco friendly.




bug hotels-Fabienne

Our school councillers all went into the wildlife garden with Miss Letts and made some bug hotels. We used bark off trees, mud/soil and straw. Me and Natasha made a really nice one which looked like a real house with a straw roof on it. Making bug hotels attracts all different kinds of animals and bugs. It is good fun doing it as well, if you do it you will have a ECO friendly garden.

You don’t have to go this extreme its just an example. You can also use vegetables and fruit to build the bug hotel too.