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Eco energy spies – Charlie

When I did the energy survey around school I found out that the worst eco saver was 4f. The best class in the school was 4b there was no one  in the room but all the lights were off  there were no drafts, that is being a Eco saver! I think 4f should save more…..


Eco hero poster – Ollie

My special poster is about  composting in the right bin. Here is one of my slogans from the my poster.

ollie 5l

Lots of things can go in your compost bin and can be reused and recycled. It takes minutes. Landfill doesn’t connect with compost bins because if you put landfill stuff in the black bin its just a waste. Also landfill is just a dump.

But I did this poster because I don’t put food waste in the black bin I put it in the brown bin.