Delapre Diggers win Silver Gilt Award for Schools in Bloom competition


NorthamptoninBloomgardening club schools in bloom cert photo

The winners were announced this week and after all their hard work, the Delapre Diggers found out they had won the silver gilt award for the Schools in Bloom competition. Their work in the school garden and Pleydell Road allotments included Northampton themed projects such as the shoe garden and Saints rugby shirt design. Well done to all the children involved for their hard work, as well as our parent volunteers Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Feetham who came up with the ideas. Mrs Gordon too for assisting in each gardening session and local residents association for donating flower boxes. We are very proud of you all!

Apple pressing


Delapre Diggers used apples from their allotment to make apple juice through a cider presser. This produced delicious juice, very pure. It was amazing to see the amount of apples needed to produce such small amounts of juice.


Harvesting the allotment


This week the Delapre Diggers harvested all the season’s produce they’ve been growing this year at the allotment. An impressive haul! The children and their families are encouraged to use the fresh vegetables in their meals.

School fete


During activity week, year 5 and 6 ran a school fair which included many stalls selling toys, games, food as well as things to do. Year 6 were set a £10 challenge or making something to sell. The activity stalls went down very well too with everything from a penalty shoot out, soak the staff, bat the rat and the Delapre Diggers ran a very successful gardening stall.  There was a good attendance from parents and children, raising a solid amount of money to go towards school trips and transport.

Feedback comments from Delapre Diggers


Feedback comments June 2015

I was proud of the table top sale. I enjoyed making all the money – Amelia

I now know how to grow plant and sow seeds – Grace

Thank you for a brilliant time – Sam

I learn wildlife is important – Aiden

I loved planting the rugby T shirt – Tamie

I loved planting things and having fun – Francesca

I enjoyed going to the allotments and growing a tomato plant – Morgan

I loved making the scarecrows – Pritika

I enjoyed all the watering of plants and seeds – Aaron

I loved decorating the signs – Rosie

I enjoyed planting all the seeds – Niamh

I liked picking the strawberries – Sammy

We loved planting the edible rugby shirt – Luke and Elliott

I appreciate all the hard work you out in – Ben

I enjoyed cleaning the pond – Ella

I liked helping nature and learning about its ways – Scarlett

I loved pond dipping and making the garden look beautiful – Owen

I loved learning about habitats – Alicia

I never knew how to sow seeds, now I do – Luke



Allotments progress


Yesterday, in very warm weather, our Delapre Diggers worked hard on their Pleydell Road allotment plots watering, planting tomatoes and a sunflower house. One group constructed a protective tunnel over the broccoli and brassicas while another group harvested the spinach crop and filled the pond.

Our rugby-themed section is coming along nicely, this is to tie in with Northampton in Bloom. A Saints rugby shirt shape has been planted with different plants in club colours.

DPS achieves the Eco-schools Silver Award


SilverAward logo

This year sees DPS progress from the bronze to silver eco schools award. We have been focusing on various aspects this year; mainly waste and energy reduction. These priorities have tied in with national campaigns and the school council visited every class to deliver talks to raise awareness.

There has also been a lot going on with wider community links, visits to local supermarkets to study Fairtrade and the ‘Farm to Fork’ project and a staff audit was carried out to see how the 9 eco topics are being covered/linked in our curriculum in each year group. An environmental review will be carried out in the autumn term when classes are using the top block’s new rooms to check on progress.

Delapre Diggers plant street flower boxes for Northampton in Bloom


This week saw Sammy and Ella, Yr 5 Delapre Diggers, assisted by Mrs Gordon, plant a range of summer flowers in the boxes donated by Far Cotton Residents association. Mark Plowman from the association has been involved in beautifying the area with all kinds of flowers and fixed the boxes onto the railings outside the school. The display looks lovely, a big thanks to our school gardeners and to the residents association.


Last few weeks at gardening club



In recent weeks, our Delapre Diggers have been very busy planting and organising our ‘Schools in Bloom’ entry at both our school wildlife garden and the Pleydell Road allotments. They have been working on the Northampton Saints rugby shirt planted from different coloured lettuces and herbs as well as the shoe garden as a nod towards Northampton’s shoe industry. A big thanks to Stewart Gardens for the equipment donated, they could not have carried out this work without  it.

Stewart Schools A1 130912

During bad weather sessions, the group have been making plant markers, dissecting broad beans and planning homework tasks. They have also been growing tomatoes in propagators at home which are coming on well.


Underwater pond viewing and creating a shoe garden


This week the wildlife group made and used underwater viewers to look in our pond where they spotted caddis fly larva, newts, pond snails and a whirligig beetle amongst others. They also constructed wildlife food chains.

The gardening group planted pansies and viola in shoes as part of a shoe-industry themed Northampton Schools in Bloom project. This is part of the annual town-wide competition.


A big thanks to Days Reuse Centre who very kindly donated some boots for us to use.